Discover How We Help Higher-Income Earners Get Into Real Estate By Securing Cash-flowing Properties For Them. (98% DFY)

The only program that finds you fully rented & managed 1% properties with little to no money down.

Roy Hoss

Co Founder House Stacking

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How to find properties that earn 1% of total purchase price in monthly rent

The Golden Ratio of purchasing properties is that for every $100k you spend on a property you should be earning $1000 per month in rent.


How to purchase properties with little to no money down without using banks

Real estate investors quit using banks long ago. Between high interest rates, high down payment requirements, and red tape all around - creative financing became king.


How you can get 95% of this done for you - Results Guaranteed

House Stacking is the only program out there that will put in all the leg work to find, negotiate, and rent out properties and hand them over to you.

What Zillow, Your Bank & Your Favorite Realtor Don't Want You To Know

The gatekeepers of real estate don’t want you to know their secrets – but we’re here to expose them. 

✅Most investors who buy investment properties from realtors or off of Zillow are LOSING money every month

✅There are hidden markets all over America that are GOLD mines for cash flow – you just need to know WHERE and WHEN

✅ Investing can be done 100% remote – and it’s easier than you think!

✅Creative financing is the new way to buy houses and you get to pick your own terms including down payment, interest rates, payment schedules and more.. by dealing directly with sellers.

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The Framework

We Find Your First Property

Your first 1% cash flowing property is sourced by us. In order to streamline your investing journey we find and negotiate your first real estate deal to begin funding your empire. Not only will we find the deal for you - but we will make sure it is tenanted and managed so that you get a turn key property. Every house we provide to our students meets our minimum requirements for safe, family friendly neighborhoods that make for great investments.

You Learn How To Get Your Next

You're given access to over 100 hours of content to begin your process of understanding investing theory - and our exact strategies on finding deals, negotiating deals, and getting them under contract. In addition to this you'll get access to several live interactive training and Q&A with our team. Plus access to quarterly market research on the best areas to invest to maximize cash flow.

Build A Team & Scale

The whole purpose of this is to build a Cash flowing empire creating generational wealth. Once you understand the fundamentals and have solved how to secure 1% real estate- it's time to make this endeavor truly passive by creating a team. We will show you all the systems we use to automate and systematize the process.

ideal investors

Our ideal client has a high level of business acumen and has the general capacity to own rental properties. This is not a get-rich-quick overnight scheme and buying real estate takes capital, liquidity, strategy and wits. While we do help with sourcing and negotiating the property- the hand off & responsibility will be exclusively yours. Please do not apply if you do not have access to financial resources or have low emotional intelligence.  

Who this program is designed for high net worth or high income earners

  • That understand the power of real estate but don’t have the time or passion to dedicate into learning and executing real estate
  • That want to diversify and secure passive income from real estate with management teams already in place so they can focus on their primary business/job
  • That don’t want to use traditional banks to acquire property
  • That want to take advantage of tax advantages that come with owning real estate
  • That understand the power of leveraging other people’s expertise to get them further ahead

What's Included
With Your Membership

Included in our 98% done for you program

  • We Find & negotiate your first property that follows the “Golden 1% Rule”
  • We find tenants for your property so that it cashflows
  • We Install a property management company that takes care of everything for you
  • We provide you over 100 hours of content so you understand step by step our entire system on how you can find & purchase properties using creative financing
  • We host live training several times per week so you get direct access to our team to guide you on your process of finding more cash flowing properties without using banks!

success stories

meet your partners

Rin Kay, PHD

  • Holds a PhD in economics and has over 35 years or real estate investing experience
  • Has made millions in a variety of markets in stable and unstable conditions
  • Actively manages a $15 million portfolio
  • Well respected in the industry and has mentored hundreds of students towards real estate financial freedom

Roy Hoss

  • Ran a 7 figure real estate marketing agency
  • Acquisition specialist
  • Systematized and automated Rin’s real estate method
  • Acquired 77 properties in 1 year using the method we use to get your property for you + what we give you to scale your portfolio

Real Stories Real Results